Key Voice
An acknowledged leader in the highly competitive voice processing industry, Key Voice develops and manufactures a complete line of voicemail, automated attendant, fax processing, and unified messaging products. Their award-winning product line, coupled with outstanding customer support services, has spurred over 60,000 customer installations world-wide.
Key Voice offers a variety of open voice mail processing platforms to meet nearly any business requirement. Each solution is engineered to provide you seamless migration as your company grows. For more advanced systems, optional features are available to customize your system's performance and maximize your profitability.  PFP offers the Debut, Small Office, Corporate Office and Interchange Key Voice Products.


Voice-Tech's staff combines leadership with know-how. The corporate group has over 50 years experience in all aspects of voicemail system processing and telephony applications. This combination of experienced personnel has led to the generation of products that are the most feature rich, flexible and user friendly in the marketplace. PFP has installed the IVM and IVR voicemail products from VoiceTech at hundreds of locations throughout the U.S.


In addition to offering a wide range of productivity, accessibility and service-enhancing features, Avaya / Lucent's Partner, Merlin, Legend and Definity voicemail messaging systems come sized and priced to fit your needs--whether you are just starting out with voice mail or want to expand your capabilities. And with the choice of Partner (or other Avaya) telephones and voice messaging solutions, you can start small and grow your voicemail features and capacity as you grow your business. Call PFP for Avaya , Lucent, and AT&T service.